Monday, September 24, 2012

Anguished Recipes

For a few days (Or a week. Or a month), I toyed with the idea of making a birthday cake for my blog today. And by "for my blog today", I meant "for me because it's my birthday". Actually, my birthday was on Wednesday. But the point is that it happened and I was going to bake for it and then I got a better idea.
Remember my lemon cake?
It's blooper week! This week, I will share with you some of the mistakes I've been hiding from you this summer, because with my new mature age, I have no more shame. Apparently.

This is a blooper in that I did not know how to cook. Also, ew.
A mistake is a funny thing. Some of them are hilarious, like a Stormtrooper hitting his head on low door frame. Some of them are frustrating, like a missed question on a test when you realize as you walk away that you knew the answer. And some of them make me a little bit crazy, like errors in the written word.

I know, I know, mistakes happen. They happen to you and to everyone you know and to everyone I know and… to me. I cringe when I admit that I, too, make spelling, grammatical, and other linguistic errors. But I stop cringing when I read funny books about it, because if I can find humor in something, it is less likely to bother me.
Four tries and zero successes

This is where Anguished English comes in, "an anthology of accidental assaults upon the English language".  This book doesn't celebrate the mistakes, but offers them to the reader as a source of delight and entertainment. It's an encouragement not to take oneself too seriously.

I don't usually take myself too seriously. Mistakes will always happen. So let's laugh at them.

Mmm, sour cream and guacamole cupcakes
"The judge sentenced the killer to die in the electric chair for the second time."

"In Pittsburgh they manufacture iron and steal."

"After consuming my mother's vitals, I went happily to bed."

"Dickens spent his youth in prison because his father's celery was cut off."

These aren't even the best moments from this book. Just a few for giggles, like the pictures.

This book is best enjoyed with a cup of tee and a good well-written book.


  1. These bloopers are so funny! Also- story of my life. :) I ALWAYS mess something up when cooking. Oh well- it makes like more interesting, right?

  2. Lolol! Love the can of beans :)

  3. Was that a can of beans? here's my mistake --- i thought you had baked a cake in a can!!! how's that for a booboo? great blog as usual, keep up the good work,you little blogger, you. i'm watching big bang theory sooo funny. i love you, honey. nani j.

  4. Cup of tee!!! HILARIOUS!