Monday, September 17, 2012

Piggy's Brined Pork with Applesauce

Gilligan's Island. Lost. Cast Away. Survivor. Pirates of the Caribbean.

Clearly our society is a little bit obsessed with the concept of being stuck and (at least somewhat) isolated on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean. Are we fascinated by the loneliness, the hopelessness, the struggle for survival? Is it the exposure, the being forgotten, the madness, the pain? I don't know!

Then there are the spins on the idea, like in Lord of the Flies. Not only is this story about the problems I mentioned above, but more than that, it dives into the idea of civilization in a society limited in number as well as by life experience.

And besides all that, it is captivatingly disturbing, and I have to be honest with you: that's a hard book to put down.

A few months ago, a friend at work was sitting in the back of the store on his lunch break. And what he was eating looked delicious, so of course I asked and he told me it was brined pork that he had made. I'd been hearing about brining meat for a while now, and finally had to try it for myself. Possibly obnoxiously, I made him explain to me exactly how to do it.

This was the result, of which I am proud. That is, I'm proud of the delicious, moist meal I made, especially because it's meat and that is an intimidating item to cook. I am not as proud of these pictures, especially after the ones I posted last week. These pictures are older and I was anxious to post another non-dessert recipe. And so I chose to share before making it yet again.

And you know what? You're welcome, because it's delicious. So let us eat this in honor of Piggy, civilly with a knife and fork and plate and definitely not straight out of the pan with burned fingers.

Brined means soaked in salt water. Get it? Like the ocean surrounding the island? I am hilarious, darn it!

Piggy's Brined Pork

3-4 pork loins or chops
3 c saltwater (3 c water, 3 T salt)
Olive oil

1. Put the pork into the saltwater and refrigerate for 2-3 hours.

2. Preheat oven to 375°F (190.6 C).

3. Sear the pork in the olive oil on medium-high heat, just until the entire outside is cooked.

4. Put the applesauce in an oven-safe pan and lay the pork on top of it.

5. Pour on more applesauce.

6. Sprinkle pepper (freshly cracked is best!), cinnamon, and ginger over the top.

7. Bake for 5-10 minutes.

This meal is best enjoyed with fresh water out of a coconut shell and a good book.


  1. Another great post! Love you, M

  2. looks really good. i'll have to try it. love the last cartoon the best. hahaha :))))) nani j.