About the Blog

“Only strangers eat tamarinds - but they only eat them once.”
–Mark Twain

If you’ve read the About Me, you’ve already learned how my love of writing, reading, and cooking has come together to inspire me to create this blog.

What that means is that at any time (the blog does not currently run on a set schedule), I could just post something here. It may be a recipe or two, most of which will somehow involve books. I may base it on a title, on a character’s favorite food or traits, or simply on a dish straight from the book itself. Or I may post just a little about a book I've read, or a food I've recently tried.

I’d love any and all suggestions (about cooking or blogging or books to read), as OSET is always trying to improve in its place in the blogosphere.

I can’t possibly talk about the blog itself without thanking Boyf (my wonderful boyfriend Matt) for everything he’s done for OSET. He has designed it, edited it, made it beautiful, and filled it with all kinds of goodies, all while keeping me sane while I made up, gathered, and wrote about recipes. He has also helped by selflessly, kindly trying each and every thing I make... you know, to make sure it's edible.

I hope you enjoy reading my thoughts, recipes, mistakes, and book recommendations. It's all a result of experimentation! It’s often much easier than it looks.

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