About Me

I am Stephanie, but as a fan of ridiculousness and made-up words, I also answer the The Baketress. I’m a receptionist by day, a kitchen fiend by night, and a reader all of the time.

I wonder if there’s such a thing as reading too much. When I get to a certain point in most any book, it becomes difficult for me to leave the house without it. I could spend hours reading a novel while a conversation, a party, a war rages on around me, and not have the slightest idea of anything non-fictional going on.

Cooking is a newer love for me, however. I never had good luck before (ask my boyf, brother, or roommate about the time I almost burnt down the kitchen making Easy Mac, or about my inability to make a grilled cheese that wasn’t black), and never even had much interest.

Until the cupcakes.

Sometime in college, I got addicted to cupcakes. I couldn’t stop thinking about them or talking about them or dreaming about them. I went out of my way to purchase them. I was never happier than when given one. They were beautiful and perfect and… someone had made them.

And that was it. Last summer, I suddenly realized that someone with an oven and ingredients made these. I was someone with an oven and ingredients! Or at least a Ralph’s Club Card with which I could buy. And most importantly, I had the time to kill (read: no job yet) by attempting to make cupcakes that would not require me driving to any store that would overcharge me for mass-produced frosting.

My first attempts were not perfect. One of my first batches of cupcakes were key lime-flavored, affectionately referred to at the party I served them at as “the sour cream and guacamole cupcakes”; shockingly, they were the biggest crowd-pleaser and they were gone before midnight.

So I started baking more, and bigger batches, and bringing extra cookies and cupcakes in to work. I baked cakes and brought them home when I visited my parents. With each new recipe, my boyf and roommate got more and more excited, gobbling everything up before I had a chance at seconds. And even better, they began to gather ingredients for me, or clean the kitchen, or put cupcake liners into the muffin tin while I baked, all so that I’d provide them with food. I’ve even witnessed them donning my aprons and stirring pots for me. (Perhaps I should discuss their bromance one of these days.)

Now I couldn’t stay out of the kitchen if I tried; and it’s not just baking now but cooking and roasting and frying and sautéing. I’ve always loved writing, so what better excuse reason to remain in my happy place than write a food blog? I do hope you enjoy.

And guys! I am always welcome to suggestions.